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This violin is a late work by Kurt Richard Zöphel (* 1906), which he built at an old age of almost 80 years. He was a student of Paul Heberlein, who at that time owned the Heinrich Theodor Heberlein jun. workshop. In 1949 he passed the master's examination and established himself in Markneukirchen.


He prepared his lacquers himself and in their perfect form his works are masterpieces of violin making. This can also be seen on this instrument with its precisely crafted edge inlay, beautifully flamed maple back and artistically carved snail.


Body: 35.7 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.4 cm

Upper bar: 16.5 cm

Center bar: 11.0 cm

Lower bar: 20.7 cm


Kurt Zöphel - 1985

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