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Paul Dörfel (* 1878) was the son and student of Adolf Dörfel. He worked for Adolf Zeitler before moving to Warsaw in 1898. There he worked with Michael Kannich until 1910. From 1914 to 1921 he worked in Orenburg, Russia, after which he returned to Markneukirchen with many of his contemporaries and established himself there.


This violin comes from the master's best creative period and is evidenced by the pointed inlay at the edges and the elegant, extremely clean cut F-holes. The oil varnish used is typical of the master. The violin speaks immediately and its sound impresses with a powerful, warm tone.


Body: 35.8 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.5 cm

Upper bar: 16.9 cm

Center bar: 11.4 cm

Lower bar: 20.8 cm



Paul Dörfel - 1947

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