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This very special, small viola was built by Carl Weigandt (* 1889) from Klingenthal. He was a student of Oswald Meisel and a capable violin maker. His Guarneri model looks powerful, just like this viola and the edges are very characteristic. Carl Weigandt worked for Hans Jaeger, Meinel and Eduard Tauscher in Erlbach and started his own business in 1922.


The viola stands out particularly thanks to the bird maple used for the entire back and ribs. The spruce top has beautifully pronounced annual rings and the inlays are very clean. The yellowish varnish goes very well with the maple and gives the instrument a noble character. The viola is branded "Curt Weigandt", an exact date of construction is not known, probably around 1930.


Body: 39.0 cm

Neck scale: 14.8 cm

Body scale: 21.8 cm

Upper bar: 18.2 cm

Center bar: 11.8 cm

Lower bar: 23.0 cm

Carl Weigandt - ca. 1930

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