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(Paul) Erich Heberlein , born in 1899, was the son and student of August Ludwig Heberlein (1859-1919).

Employed by Max Möller, Amsterdam and Georg Rauer, Vienna - that is why the people in Markneukirchen called him "the Viennese". His violin labels also contain this addition. After his journeyman's examination, he returned to Markneukirchen and worked independently. He died early at only 33 years of age, so instruments built by him are correspondingly rare.


The violin shown here is a copy of Nikolaus Gagliano from 1753, which he built in 1920. The instrument has a divided, deeply flamed back. The yellow-brown varnish is well preserved.


Body: 35.4 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.4 cm

Upper bar: 16.5 cm

Center bar: 11.2 cm

Lower bar: 20.4 cm

Erich Heberlein - Wiener - 1920

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