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Walter Ernst Kreul junior was born in Markneukirchen in 1895 and died in an air raid in Berlin-Spandau in 1944. He was the son and student of Ernst Karl Kreul senior. He worked for Julius Heinrich Zimmermann in Leipzig and passed his master's examination in 1920 in Markneukirchen. From 1929 on he worked independently in Markneukirchen.

The instrument shown here is a wonderful old imitation of the master, in which all components really fit together and in which even the "age-related" repairs have been imitated. The yellow-brown lacquer is a feast for the eyes. The warm, full sound makes you forget that this is an imitation.


Body: 35.5 cm

Neck scale: 13.1 cm

Body scale: 19.5 cm

Upper bar: 16.9 cm

Center bar: 11.1 cm

Lower bar: 20.5 cm


Ernst Kreul Jr. (Imitation) - ca.1930

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