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Walter Ernst Kreul junior was born in Markneukirchen in 1895 and died in an air raid in Berlin-Spandau in 1944. He was the son and student of Ernst Karl Kreul senior. He worked for Julius Heinrich Zimmermann in Leipzig and passed his master's examination in 1920 in Markneukirchen. From 1929 on he worked independently in Markneukirchen.

The instrument shown here is a very successful copy of a violin by Lorenzo Guadagnini from 1736. Even the label was imitated very closely to the original. If you look at it more closely, however, you will see the addition "Germany".

Nevertheless, the instrument impresses with the yellow-brown varnish, the best tonewoods and the finely crafted snail. In terms of sound, Guadagnini would also have his real joy, a real masterpiece.


Body: 35.3 cm

Neck scale: 13.2 cm

Body scale: 19.5 cm

Upper bar: 16.4 cm

Center bar: 11.0 cm

Lower bar: 20.3 cm

Ernst Kreul Jr. (Lorenzo Guadagnini Copie) - 1930

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