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This beautiful violin is a work from the workshop of Heinrich Paul Theodor Heberlein , the last master from the important Markneukirchen violin maker family Heberlein. It was built in 1956 and bears Heberlein's original label and brand stamp. The instrument stands out particularly because of the maple used for the entire back and sides. And the wild spruce top was chosen to match the back. An absolute eye-catcher and certainly unique in the world. The varnish emphasizes the special flame so that an almost three-dimensional depth is created. Not only the optics are masterly, but also the balanced sound of this very special violin.


Body: 35.4 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.3 cm

Upper bar: 16.6 cm

Center bar: 10.8 cm

Lower bar: 20.5 cm

Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr. - 1958

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