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This beautiful instrument was built by Hermann Petzold Jr., probably in the 1920s. He was born in Markneukirchen in 1880, worked after his apprenticeship in Nuremberg and Magdeburg and then established himself in Markneukirchen. In 1931 he moved to Berlin.


Unfortunately, this instrument has a small malus, the belly was crafted too thin and now it sounds like a viola. The musicians who played it were amazed by this sound. So if you are looking for a really small viola, please report ;-)


Body: 35.7 cm

Neck scale: 12.9 cm

Body scale: 19.3 cm

Upper bar: 16.5 cm

Middle bar: 10.7 cm

Lower bar: 20.6 cm


Hermann Petzold jr. - ca. 1920

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