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This Viloine was built by Karl Moritz Ficker . He was born in Markneukirchen in 1849 and learned the art of violin making from his father Carl Wilhelm August Ficker. He in turn was under Carl Gottlob Pfretzschner's apprenticeship. He was a capable and hardworking master who not only mastered violin making but also the art of varnishing and was very skillful in imitating old lacquer. Since he worked for the trade, violins from him are very rare, this is one of them.


The whole, wildly flamed maple back and the very beautiful and very well preserved, amber-colored lacquerwork gives the instrument a very special character.


Body: 35.8 cm

Neck scale: 13.1 cm

Body scale: 19.3 cm

Upper bar: 17 cm

Center bar: 10.8 cm

Lower bar: 21.0 cm


Karl Moritz Ficker - 1894

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