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The maker of this beautiful violin also comes from the widespread Gütter family of violin makers. Kurt Arno Gütter was born in Markneukirchen in 1894 and he later learned the trade from Oskar Bernhard Haniel. He worked for Heinrich Theodor Heberlein, Ludwig Glässel-Berliner and Schlessinger in Dresden. In 1921 he started his own business in Markneukirchen and built excellent violins, violas and cellos - sometimes also guitars.


The instrument shown here was based on the Stradivari model in 1938. The amber-colored varnish made of oil varnish is very typical for the instruments from Markneukirchen at that time. Nevertheless, the choice of wood and the processing of the edge inlays and the F-holes are of the highest quality.


Body: 35.5 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.3 cm

Upper bar: 16.5 cm

Center bar: 11.1 cm

Lower bar: 20.6 cm

Kurt Arno Gütter - 1938

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