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This beautiful violin does not come from Markneukirchen, but from the "competition". It is attributed to the Mittenwald violin maker Georg (II) Klotz . His family shaped Mittenwald violin making like no other in the 17th and 18th centuries. The edge inlay of this violin is made with great care and accuracy and the small F-holes are characteristic. The deep-carved snail is also an indication of the authenticity of this instrument. The dark, brown lacquer is largely preserved in the original. Of course, the violin shows a few traces of time, which is what gives it its special charm. The identical note shows a year of 1764. On the inside on the floor you can see a handwritten signature by Victor Lecavallé from Béziers near Mirecourt from 1897, who probably once had the instrument for repair.


Body: 35.9 cm

Neck scale: 12.7 cm

Body scale: 19.4 cm

Upper bar: 16.5 cm

Center bar: 11.0 cm

Lower bar: 20.5 cm

Georg (II) Klotz - 1764

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