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This violin, already built under the Migma seal, was designed by Max Schuster in 1946. He was born in Markneukirchen in 1887 and worked for Albin Voigt, Henri Gütter in Breslau, Carl Niedt in Würzburg, Th Kurth in Berlin and Dr. Eugen Gärtner in Stuttgart, until he started his own business in 1918. He was known for his carefully executed repairs.


The instrument has a onepiece, moderately flamed back and a fine spruce top. The margins are neatly worked. All in all, a nice student violin.


Body: 35.3 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.4 cm

Upper bar: 16.8 cm

Middle bar: 10.7 cm

Lower bar: 20.5 cm

M. Schuster - 1946

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