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This violin has been family-owned since 1978 and has since been marketed under the name "Maie LaLeste". Not much attention was paid to her neither in the price evaluation nor in the sound. Probably because nobody knew who built the instrument. In my research, I have now found out that it is a violin by Marc Laberté from 1926. The son of the co-founder, Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, in addition to the manufacturing work of the Laberte et Magnié company, established its own line of high-quality instruments, which were manufactured by selected masters such as Joseph Aubry, Charles Brugere, Camille Poirson and Georges Apparut. Marc Laberté had a rich collection of instruments in which works by Stradivari, Amati, Guadagnini and others were represented, which is why he probably wrote "Copie exacte de mon Stradivarius ..." on his label. Then he apparently really copied his own.


Body: 35.4 cm

Neck scale: 12.9 cm

Body scale: 19.4 cm

Upper bar: 16.6 cm

Center bar: 10.6 cm

Lower bar: 20.5 cm


Marc Laberte - 1926

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