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This beautiful violin is attributed to Mathias Hornsteiner (II) - the "Hofschmied" . The original label has a date from 1798. The signature of the builder with the same year is preserved on the inside of the belly above the upper block. He was probably the best violin maker in his family and had a significant impact on Mittenwald violin making.


The instrument was built after the Klotz school. The execution of the hollow groove and the extremely finely worked inlay reflect the master's high level of craftsmanship. The characteristic snail is also evidence of the origin of this very special violin. The lacquer is in a remarkable condition for its age, both on the belly and on the ribs and the split maple back with upward flame.


The sound of the instrument is fine and singing and still present at all times. This rare violin will always meet even high professional demands.


Body: 35.5 cm

Neck scale: 13.0 cm

Body scale: 19.5 cm

Upper bar: 16.4 cm

Center bar: 10.6 cm

Lower bar: 20.4 cm

Mathias Hornsteiner (II) - "Hofschmied" 1798

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