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At the turn of the last century, the G.A. Pfretzschner company had numerous contract workshops and home workers, whose bows they bought in large numbers. The good pernambuco bows were partially stamped with the initials G.A. Pfretzschner *** . There were different quality levels, bows with three stars were of the highest quality.


This silver-mounted violin bow was probably made from the best pernambuco wood at this time. The octagonal pole is elastic and plays fluid and soft. The ebony frog has an inlaid silver treble clef. The slide and the screw are made of finely engraved silver. The head is worked very finely.


The bow weighs 60 g and its center of gravity is 25.7 cm of the total length of 74.0 cm.

Violin bow G.A. Pfretzschner *** - silver-mounted

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